Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Make of this what you will

The end of history has been temporarily delayed.
The neocon's neocon, Francis Fukuyama is supporting backing endorsing probably going to vote for Barack Obama in order to punish the Republicans for screwing up his timeline.

The American Spectator goes to the Borscht Belt.
Jackie Mason (yes, the comedian) and Raoul Felder (yes, the divorce lawyer) team up for this nasty bit about Barack Obama.
Did you hear the one about the Jew who says to his psychiatrist that he believes the psychiatrist is plotting his destruction? The psychiatrist tells him that he has a sick delusion and should not worry, since the psychiatrist is there to protect him. The poor jerk is happy until he looks up at the diplomas on the wall and sees the psychiatrist's middle name is Hussein, and a diploma from a Muslim school….
What? -- Joe Lieberman thought it was hilarious.

Pravda has one of the world's most cruelly ironic headline writers.

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