Friday, May 23, 2008

Just don't tell me why

Please, I beg of you: Do not tell me why you are supporting whichever candidate you are supporting. If you feel compelled to tell me that McCain or Obama or Clinton is the candidate for you, just leave it at that. I will accept it with equanimity. It’s your right, your choice. Just don’t explain your decision-making process to me because, to be absolutely brutal, no one’s decision-making process can ever meet my exacting standards. It is inevitable: You will disappoint me and I will never think of you in the same way again.

I’m funny that way.

Let’s all pretend that each of us has seriously studied the candidates’ actual statements on major policy issues, that each of us is familiar with the candidates’ respective voting records, and that each of us is aware of the candidates’ high-level aides and advisors and their relevant backgrounds. After all, some of these people likely are going to be key White House staffers and cabinet members should their candidate win. In effect, you’re voting for them too.

Let’s all pretend that we are not influenced by Limbaugh and Savage and Russert and Olbermann…and the endless anonymous sources making guest appearances in op/ed columns…and the insipid, anecdotal, and agonizingly nearsighted quality of today’s campaign reporting…and the seriously fact-challenged assertions found all over the blogs and political message boards.

Yes, even though we all know this is not true and that as political consumers Americans by and large are enormous suckers, let’s all pretend that we are savvy and well informed.

And let’s get this the fuck over with.

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