Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sunday night snacking

Mo MoDo at The Dowd Report takes on today’s Maureen Dowd column gratuitous movie motifs in Madame Strangelove and does some way wicked Photoshopping too.

Invictus at Blah3 gets out the calculator and wonders where all the oil money is going.
Did you know that over the past five years year, global oil demand has risen at a 1.7% average annual rate and production at a 1.5% yearly pace (though output has slowed to below a 1% annual rate since 2005) and yet WTI has managed to surge from $20/bbl to over $100/bbl. So a 20 basis point gap between the growth rate of supply and demand managed to generate a 400% surge in the price of oil?
And Joey DeVilla, a/k/a The Accordion Guy, illustrates how grandma views the remote control.

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