Monday, March 24, 2008

Guaranteed results!

Looking for a few extra hits for your blog but don’t want to degrade yourself by discussing the use of silicon-lined vaginas as a plot device?

Here’s the answer: Just write a post about the School of the Americas a/k/a Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation. It helps to mention that SOA/WHINSEC has for decades trained Latin American assassins and murderers.

Be patient, and within a few days you will get a stern comment from Lee A. Rials. Who is Lee A. Rials? He’s one of the hardest working guys in the federal government. He’s also the Public Affairs Officer for SOA/WHINSEC, and he surfs the blogosphere relentlessly on his military computer. Think of him as Robo-Rials.

His comments are post-specific but always follow the same format: You will be accused of slander; you will be accused of being a dupe of any organizations or authorities you cite in your case against SOA/WHINSEC; and then you will be extended a hearty invitation to come on down to Fort Benning and visit the SOA/WHINSEC campus yourself.

As one shrewd commenter advises: Try to resist the offer of a free ice cream cone at the KBR-run cafeteria until habeas corpus is restored.

I just received a message from Robo-Rials in response to Apalling and inflammatory. And True. That started me googling. Turns out the Defense Department has generously funded a “consistent, programmed, and proactive public affairs effort in direct support of the Institute.” I’m guessing that Robo-Rials and his bleating insistence that "no one's been able to show even one person that took a course here and committed a crime that was related to the course" comprises the bulk of the “proactive public affairs effort.”

Rick B. at Ten Percent has had several memorable encounters with Rials. The great part is that Rick B. totally neutralizes the guy.

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