Monday, February 18, 2008

False messiahs, antichrists, witches: Welcome to American politics in the 21st century

Interesting. Republicans don’t seem to label Democrats as being mentally deficient, neurologically impaired, or simply batshit crazy, which is how Democrats label Republicans. Instead, Republicans always seem to go to the dark side for their accusations. Thus, Hillary Clinton is a witch. Bill Clinton is (or was) the Antichrist. [Theological question: Can one be the Antichrist Emeritus?]

And now we have Barack Obama as a false Christ [via].Giving us the clarion call in His love and service and as our friend and brother in Christ is one Bill Keller.
NO WE CAN’T! The cult of B. Hussein Obama. Remember I told you there would be a revival in this nation this year. Well, before we see a true spiritual revival that will bring millions to faith in Christ and help lead this nation back to God and Biblical values, there is going to be a “faux revival” led by the latest preacher of false hope, B. Hussein Obama.

Obama is running for the Democratic Party’s nomination to try and become the next President of the United States. He is reaching a gospel of change and hope. Thousands are flocking to his campaign rallies and becoming emotionally charged as this “political evangelist” preaches about hope and change. The problem is he is a false prophet and no true follower of Christ can follow or support this “false messiah of hope and change!”
You know what else Brother Keller finds “very troubling”? Obama uses a teleprompter, which is apparently one of the Top Ten Signs of a False Messiah.

[long sigh] I doubt I'm alone in just wanting a president and presidential advisors and appointees who aren’t mentally deficient, neurologically impaired, or simply batshit crazy. Other than that, I am not waiting for a savior or a redeemer, and I’m not worried about False Messiahs, Antichrists, or covens of high-order witches -- unless they're as incompetent as Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice.

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