Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This always makes me sad: The Queen Mary 2 has made her last departure from NY to Southampton for the season. Now I’ll have to wait until April 2008 for the next eastbound trans-Atlantic crossing. My QE2/QM2 fantasy started way back when I worked in Manhattan and I would occasionally glimpse an ocean liner heading out of port. Of course, now the Cunard ships dock in Red Hook, Brooklyn (shudder). Where’s the glamour in that….

Commenter OxyCon at Hullabaloo links to a nostalgic and heart-breaking 2003 White House press release.
Today, President Bush traveled to Ruiz Foods in Dinuba, California to discuss the economy, the strong housing market, and his homeownership agenda including the American Dream Downpayment Fund. The strong housing market is beneficial for communities across the Nation. Because of rising home values, Americans are enjoying three trillion dollars of greater housing wealth than they did in 2000. America's families are refinancing due to the lowest mortgage rates in 45 years, saving hundreds of dollars a month on their home payments.
Over at Nuclear Mangos, Andrew Foland reads through the economic scenarios of an especially goofy Heritage Foundation war game and wonders why “the Heritage Foundation wants me to believe that fear of a disruption adds 60% to the price of a barrel of oil, but the actual disruption would only add 25%?” Good question.

And Old Bitter Balls reports on one Yank’s solution to inconsiderate motorists that doesn’t involve climbing onto a roof with a high-powered rifle. I know, I know. I was skeptical too. (Post is genteel, but OBB’s site can be pretty naughty sometimes, so do be discreet.)

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