Thursday, November 15, 2007

For all you Eurovision Song Contest fanatics out there

From the November 9, 2007, edition of IceNews.

A songwriter from Malta and a composer from Iceland are teaming up in the hope of making a song that will take first prize at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Gerard James Borg from Malta is collaborating with composer Hallgrimur Oskarsson to create a song called ‘I Wanna Manicure.’ The song has already been selected in the Icelandic Eurovision semi-finals.

The song will be performed on RUV (Icelandic national television) later this month and will be performed by Hara [sisters Rakel & Hildur Magnúsdóttir]. The sisters came second in the Icelandic Pop Idol competition…. According to both Borg and Oskarsson, the new song, ‘I Wanna Manicure’ came from some creative and almost crazy ideas.

Ever wonder how Phoebe Buffay’s “Smelly Cat” would have done in the Eurovision Song Contest?

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