Friday, November 02, 2007

And the finalists are...

Congratulations to 2007 Weblog Award finalists Jon Swift and Sadly, No! (Funniest Blog category) and to all of the Best Liberal Blog finalists: Hullabaloo, Think Progress, Shakesville, Pandagon, skippy the bush kangaroo, Orcinus, Firedoglake, Glenn Greenwald's Unclaimed Territory, Talking Points Memo, and Feministing.

And congratulations also to some old friends -- finalists in the various TLLB Ecosystem categories: Wonkette, Jesus’ General, The Carpetbagger Report, feministe, The Moderate Voice, TBogg, The Poorman Institute, Smirking Chimp, Agonist, Obsidian Wings, Slacktivist, Echidne, Newshoggers, Driftglass, and Whiskey Fire. (Apologies if I have overlooked anyone.)

Voting for The 2007 Weblog Awards is now open. All of the polls can be reached here . And the master list of sites selected as finalists is here. Readers can vote once a day in each category. Polls close November 8, 2007.

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