Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beating a dead horse into lutefisk, and other stuff

“Well, hello, America. I know I’m beating a dead horse, but this horse has just got to get up, because our nation is under attack…. We’re being attacked someplace else in the cover of night and if we lose this battle, we lose it all. Here`s "The Point" tonight. G.I. Joe is the latest casualty in the war against the American way….” Glenn Beck freaking out about a forthcoming movie based on the G.I. Joe toy and comicbooks.

[h/t to Mr. N.]

Reagan21 Introduced Today -- Today, a bicameral group of Senators and Congressman presented a positive alternative to the current majority in Congress. Members of Reagan21 are committed to the advancement of a new and invigorated Republican Party fighting for Reagan’s principles of liberty and a 21st Century vision for America, including individual freedom, free enterprise and common-sense values. The Partnership’s goal is to give Americans a positive choice in public policy by advancing the integrity and optimism of the Republican Party.

Fevered imaginings from a wingnut columnist wickedly named Biggerstaff --“It ought to be obvious by now to every American that since the radical homosexual lobby has successfully brainwashed the majority of Americans into believing their mental illness is a "right" and their perverted ideas about sexuality are normal, the logical next step is to encourage children to begin having sex as early as possible….Soon, it will be normal for adults to have sex with children and normal for parents and children to have sex.”

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