Friday, October 12, 2007

Randall Terry -- speaking for today’s pro-life, sort-of-pro-slavery Republican Party

From a press release/talking points memo for Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue.
Could we vote for a man who was right on every single issue, except that he was a racist? Or was a candidate who supported slavery? (Of course, he would never own his own slave, but he would defend any other white persons right to own his own Negro.) How then can we in good conscience vote for a man who supports the destruction of innocent human life, which is far worse than slavery or racism? [emph added]
I’m curious why Terry felt compelled to insert that disclaimer: Of course, he would never own his own slave….

Why is it just a given that this pro-slavery candidate would never own his own slaves?

And why is it also just a given that this same righteous dude would be happy to saddle up and defend every other white person’s God-given (apparently) right to own “Negroes”?

And why doesn't Terry answer the question? With these people, I'm not going to automatically assume that I'll be hearing a roaring "No."

And why are these slavery issues flying so low under the media radar this election season?

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