Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dear Lynndie: Counting the days!

Lynndie EnglandDear Lynndie--

Two down and only one to go Lynndie! -- fast, fast, fast. Good news…ChickCo wants you back for yanking guts out chicken asses when your ready!!! Bosses scarred to bring in Mexs now so open spots on the line. Most left any way. Bucks still sucks tho.

Don’t get the downs about that school money. Fcukin rip off. Get this!!--Govt claims some guys just back from there don’t get there college money cause they were 1 day early!

May be when Bush leaves hell pardon you and you get to go to school any way. Still want to run after twisters??? Brittainey’s brother says Bush has a really long list for his last day. Rolls out the toilet paper and puts down a bunch of names every time hes thinking hard. He laughs but it would be nice tho.

Im just happy your safe and not smashed to bits or missing peaces. May be that prick Graner saved your life.

Any way, counting days now!


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