Monday, October 29, 2007

The Great Watch Out Continues

The Great Watch Out is my self-imposed avoidance of cable news programming (excluding the first 30 minutes of Countdown). The first 2 weeks have been bloody marvelous. My eyes are clearer. My coat -- I mean my hair -- is shinier. The teeth-gnashing has ceased. My will to live has returned!

Last Friday I sneaked a random peek at MSNBC and this is what I caught.
TUCKER CARLSON: Let‘s be totally honest, I don‘t think the Clintons kill people.
I don‘t think they killed Vince Foster. I was never a conspiracy nut.
ROSA BROOKS (LA Times): That[’s] really big of you Tucker.
CARLSON: Well, I give the benefit of the doubt to people I disagree with, unlike a lot of people these days who think that Bush was behind 9/11. But let me say that Hillary is tough and the people around her are extraordinarily tough and if you live in Washington, you are kind of a freelance intellectual, like you, Rosa, and you say things that publicly doubt Mrs. Clinton, in some sense, you are going to be punished for that and you know it, don‘t you?
BROOKS: I live in fear.
CARLSON: You don‘t care! But a lot of people here do care. They do care.
Because they keep track.
And thus week 3 of The Great Watch Out begins.

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