Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Daying is hard work

For some reason, Bush wore a dark shirt and dark pants during his surprise-surprise visit to Anbar. The temperature was in triple digits.
"With cheering marines as a visual backdrop, Mr Bush used the occasion to warn the Congress that he would resist any moves to force his administration to begin a troop withdrawal."
Indeed, the marines were so gung-ho I've decided to switch some of my stockholdings from Little Debbie Snack Cakes Inc to Force Protection Industries. I mean, what the hell, the guys really seem to like it there, and Little Debbie doesn't do MREs.

Lately, God's been telling Bush that lots of people are going to be willing to pay lots of money for his speechifying once he leaves office. Maybe—"The Boys" always take care of each other, after all. Anyway, Dubya-Fest will be a renewable resource of factual distortions and facial contortions for YouTube. Booman considers Bush's post-presidentin' life.

And in case you were wondering, the Latvian mortgage market is holding steady compared to you-know-who. This is according to Uldis Cerps, chief of Latvia's Financial and Capital Markets Commission.
[M]ortgage lending in Latvia is generally considered to be low-risk, which is why the country’s banks have no qualms about increasing exposure to this segment of the market…. Latvians value their newly won properties most of all and will do everything possible to ensure timely repayment of their mortgage.
Somehow I feel better knowing this.

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