Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Where seldom is heard a discouraging word…

Kristinn Taylor, a spokesman for Free Republic, was on Bill O'Reilly's last night to dispute O'Reilly's claim that FR is a hate site. The freepi are apopleptic because, as is well known, they are the kindest, most tolerant, all-inclusive, and—need I say—compassionate people on the planet. And each and every one is a virgin.

God these people are so intellectually dishonest. Take this commenter, for example. Note the user name and the tagline [emph added; screen capture here, in case it gets scrubbed].
I couldn’t find *any* quotes like that using Yahoo search.
Unless things are taken COMPLETELY out of context.
I say go ahead and call him on it...
27 posted on 07/31/2007 8:42:49 PM PDT by Triggerhippie (Always use a silencer in a crowd. Loud noises offend people.)
Even the co-founder of Free Republic, Jim Robinson, is hedging his bets. The man's not (that) stupid.
I'm not going to call Bill O'Reilly a liar... yet, but... on his TV show today, he read off a laundry list of ridiculous "hate" statements like "I hate blacks," "Hillary should be assassinated" and "homosexuals are dogs" that he said he personally found on Free Republic and claims that they were posted here today. I do not believe that. I doubt that he personally logged on to FR and I doubt he found any such thing posted here today.

Who knows what we may have missed and is buried deep in our archives of millions of posts, but our readers do a pretty good job of alerting us to anything out of bounds that is posted and we pull it. Also, one of our readers found a couple of the quotes he alleges, and if they are the ones O'Reilly is complaining about, he took them way out of context. They were simply quotes in the articles posted not statements posted by FReepers.

As soon as he provides me a list of the alleged posts and their URLs, I'll believe him. If he doesn't... then... well, guess he'll deserve to be known as what he is.
Suffice it to say that there is not much love for Bill-O in Freeperland right now. You'd think O'Reilly would have learned his lesson after getting falafelized for the past week by leftwing blogs for harrassing Daily Kos, but the guy has the IQ of a loofah.

And I leave to your own interpretive skills, dear readers, what Taylor means by this remark he posted in the thread about his experience with O'Reilly: "[I]f anyone has some Preparation H, I could use some after the interview."

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