Thursday, August 02, 2007


Just a quick follow-up to yesterday's Bill O'Reilly versus Free Republic post. FR has posted this—O'Reilly Factor Provides Free Republic Offending Comments Links thread—and is declaring victory.

Is Free Republic a hate site? That's not the right question. Does Free Republic contain hateful posts and comments—that's the better question. I don't think truly malicious posts remain up for long before the moderators delete them. However, hateful and racist comments occur all the time and some of them do indeed stay up.

No, you're not going to find "I hate blacks" (jeesh, thanks Bill-O) on Free Republic by doing an advanced Google search for that phrase. But if you read through the posts and comments on Hurricane Katrina, for example, you will find plenty of offensive comments and photoshopped illustrations.

Here are some samples from as recently July 2007 (the screen captures are here).

This is from a July 10, 2007, thread, "Double trouble: caption Ray Nagin and Maxine Waters."
To: peteram
"It's been almost 2 yrs now and da govment ain't built me a free home yet! I need a new Katrina Visa Card too!"
12 posted on 07/10/2007 6:14:45 AM PDT by TexasCajun

To: redstates4ever
Dey's dun kicked me out of Nawlins 'cause I's not choclat enuf!
33 posted on 07/10/2007 4:10:58 PM PDT by mass55th (Courage is being scared to death - but saddling up anyway~~John Wayne)
Real nuanced stuff, right? But there's more. This is from a July 20, 2007, thread, "Katrina Survivors Take Government to Court." This comment refers to former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.
To: deport
Hey, it’s dat nappy headed ho! LOL! I’ve missed her. She’s always good for a laugh!
21 posted on 07/20/2007 2:27:27 AM PDT by NRA2BFree ("The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves!")
Which of course triggers this response with a photoshopped image of McKinney.

I just can't resist, hehehehehe
47 posted on 07/20/2007 5:03:20 AM PDT by TexasRedeye (Eschew obfuscation)
As I said, real nuanced stuff....

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