Monday, August 20, 2007

A scattering of ashes and Cheetos dust

Doghouse Riley leaves Jonah Goldberg with a spare orifice or two following his deconstruction of Jonah's absurdist gibberish about Karl Rove. If there were any justice in this world, Doghouse would be awarded an honorary Doctor of Letters for this effort alone.
Would you...could there any way you could just quit this? I don't mean accusing anonymous leftists of saying things you'd like them to say--I have no reason to care what you think, Jonah--but the hedging every motherfucking thing you ever write? Just quit? Go through everything and strike it all out, if you refuse to be edited? Because whatever you imagine it accomplishes (razor-sharp accuracy? the illusion of razor-sharp accuracy? why would you even try?) it's just an annoying tic, and god knows you're the last writer on earth who needs one.
Read the entire post, and you'll agree with Doghouse Riley, DLitt (Hon): We're all forced to act as Jonah's unpaid editors at some point.

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