Sunday, August 19, 2007

Next time, ask us about our rates

I love reading foreign newspapers—well, the ones that have English-language editions anyway. This story is from the Finnish monthly, Aviisi.
Aviisi struck by religious vandalism in station tunnel

During the spring, the editorial office of Aviisi received feedback from several annoyed readers, concerning Aviisi issues the readers had obtained from the station tunnel paper stand. To the readers’ surprise, Christian leaflets were to be found in between the papers’ pages.

‘In future, I would rather have my Aviisi without any gospel as bonus’, one of the readers protested.

Leaflets were systematically put in between Aviisi issues in the station tunnel on at least a few occasions. The editorial staff has not been asked for permission to do this.
And here is the newspaper's wry warning to the vandals.
The editors certainly understand that a quality paper like Aviisi qualifies even to promulgate divine gospel. However, in the future proclaimers are advised to contact the paper to agree on advertising prices. Otherwise, Aviisi will have to consider contacting the police in order to start an investigation.
Take that, proclaimers!

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