Friday, May 05, 2006

Tactical nukes? Or a Constitutional amendment banning el himno nacional?

With poll numbers like these, something's gotta give.

DailyKos' Georgia10 examines both the results of a new AP poll, which has approval of President Bush at a new record-low of 33%, and the overall souring of the national mood.

Amargo, amargo, amargo.
Only in the last month or so has the press reported on the "souring" of the nation's mood. "You have never seen such a sour mood in the country. It is sour, sour, sour," says Democratic pollster Peter D. Hart. Well, what exactly does sour mean?

It means Americans are pissed. And while it's fun to throw the 33% number around, the best evidence of a pissed off populace can be found buried in the breakdown of the polls. Disapproval of the President is consistently more intense than his approval….

Republican pollster Lance Tarrance called the 50% strong disapproval of Bush and his policies "fairly frightening." And Thomas Riehle, who conducted the poll with Tarrance, said the intensity numbers reflect "almost the point of no return for any president, and that's where Bush is right now."

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