Thursday, April 27, 2006

It may be blasphemy but damn it makes for a great merchandising tie-in…

WorldNetDaily gets all huffy about a series of cartoons — done in the same ebullient, wingnut-approved spirit of free speech previously granted to those wild and crazy Danish guys — that features one with a sexually aroused Jesus. But even when reeling from such blasphemy, let it not be said that WND would blow such a perfect merchandising tie-in for scholarly WND works such as The Life and Religion of Mohammed: Learn the Ugly Truth About the Founder of the World's Most Violent Religion and God Speaks on Video in 'Astounding' New Bible. (I don't know why Astounding is set off in quotation marks. The general rule of thumb is that God speaking on a videotape is truly "astounding.")

As usual, the discussion at Free Republic was studded with sledgehammer wit:
To: usmcobra
As I understand it Mohammed could not get erections unless it was with a fetal pig.
38 posted on 04/26/2006 5:19:43 PM PDT by halfright
Well, free speech is free speech.

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