Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Patty Hearsting of Jill Carroll

Well, it was to be expected. Unless Jill Carroll was found dead -- preferably beheaded, delimbed, and sexually mutilated -- she was going to get the Patty Hearst treatment from the asshole end of the body politic.

Any distraction in a quagmire, I guess.

In addition to getting McGuirked on Imus, Carroll also gets Schlusselized by The Deb, who somehow manages to link "Princess Jill" with HAMAS.
This Infidelette is one of our USEFUL IDIOTS. Please do not kill our propagandista. Keep killing American troops and contractors instead. Please more Nick Berg vidoes, but not Jill Carroll ones.

And of course the freepi are joining in too.
I remember a pleading Caroll whining for her life and the cause of her captors.
This woman is guilty of being an accomplice to murder after the fact. Remember that her translator was murdered by her captors.
For this woman her captivity seems to be nothing more that a couple months at Club Jihad.
Want more? Phillybits has a nice roundup of freeperish responses.

Let's see if the wingnuts can obsess about Carroll's headscarf long enough until Bush gets back from Cancun.

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