Thursday, March 09, 2006

If only he'd stop going to Super-Cuts and start wearing a bow-tie

Keeping Kids Stupid: The Intellectual Lynching of Jay Bennish, by Michael I. Niman, puts the latest cranked-up bogus rightwing controversy into perspective, showing how yet again an ordinary citizen doing his usual job can find himself hounded into media hell and his life pretty much destroyed for fun, profit, and as a convenient diversionary tactic.
. For whatever reason, social science education in America has collapsed at the high school level. For a democracy that relies on an informed electorate, such ignorance is toxic.

There are, however, a few rays of hope out there. Jay Bennish, a high school geography teacher in Aurora, Colorado, was one of them. During the last week, however, he’s become a household name, suspended from his job and facing death threats after being vilified on reactionary talk radio for teaching geopolitics in a high school geopolitics class
I can't help but think part of the fun for the screechers and whackers is that Bennish looks the way he does instead of the way, you know, real American men should look.

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