Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kristol gets a stiffy for Iran, or: This time Billy-Boy, blow yourself

While the sane inhabitants of the country — including Pentagonians — are muttering "with what army?" to themselves, Kristol is jazzed about taking on Iran.

Anticipating resistance from the much abused American citizenry, the neocon's neocon launches a preemptive strike against those who are insufficiently enthusiastic.
"But this time diplomacy has to be given a chance to work," the doves coo. "Maybe this time Israel will take care of the problem," some hawks whisper. Both are being escapist.
Escapist?! Whatever. Call me what you want, Kristol, but there will be no war with Iran without (1) a military draft, (2) a truly huge and truly international coalition, (3) fuel rationing and other "sacrifices" on the homefront, and (4) war bonds and tax increases.

But I promise you this, Billy-Boy: I will work myself to exhaustion selling war bonds and dancing with lonely guys down at the USO club if you enlist and see a long tour of active duty in Iraq, in Afghanistan, or in your current wet dream, Iran.

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