Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ever notice that only Democrat veterans get bogus medals?

Absofuckinlutely incredible. The great American military — feared on the planet by more people than the mighty armies of Rome's caesars ever were — keeps giving out bogus medals. And only to Democrats! It seems the American military leans to the left. One can draw no other conclusion.

Ambitious guys like John Kerry and John Murtha think nothing of shooting themselves in the legs and forcibly inserting spare bits of shrapnel in their arms, all just to get Purple Hearts in order to advance their future political careers.

Max Cleland, cowardly not playing golf.Hands (sorry, hand) down the worst offender is Max Cleland. The bastard blew off three of his four limbs just so he could one day be a senator. The always astute Ann Coulter is right to be suspicious. You think it was just an accident that one arm remained? Cleland knew he needed it to take the oath of office. If it wasn't for the brave, straight-shooting Saxby Chambliss, the demented Cleland would still be in office.

And bravo to L. Brent Bozell III. That man knows no fear. His scorching exposé of the treasonous raghead-wannabe John Murtha surely has saved Iraq from random and indiscriminate terror.

If we have learned anything from this bogus medal scandal, it's this: no veterans should be allowed to hold office — except those who courageously went AWOL.

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