Thursday, December 15, 2005

Who is Betty Dawisha really?

Betty Dawisha is the 77-year-old Iraqi (or Iraqi-American?) who was featured on FOX News. After voting in Detroit in the Iraq parliamentary elections, she boldly waved her purple-stained finger and said:
Anybody who doesn't appreciate what America has done, and President Bush, let them go to hell!
Of course, in the story's numerous reposting on various blogs — including Michelle Malkin's, the fact that Betty Dawisha was voting from the relative comfort and security of Detroit frequently got lost.

And nobody thought to ask: who is Betty Dawisha? I mean, does just anybody wander by and get videotaped saying wonderful pro-Bush, pro-war things on FOX News?

Now, in her own right, Betty Dawisha seems to be a very interesting person. But what I'm trying to determine is whether she is related in any way to Adeed Dawisha.

Mr. Dawisha is a professor of political science at the University of Miami, Ohio, and the author of several books on the Middle East, including US military and security policies in the region. He also has worked as a consultant with the US state and defense departments.

During the run up to the Iraq war, he had this to say:
Professor Dawisha believes military action is the only answer.
He says Saddam Hussein is a master of deceit, and diplomacy with him is a waste of time.
At this point, I do not know if Betty (Go to Hell) Dawisha and Adeed (Diplomacy is a waste of time) Dawisha are related. I'll keep googling and keep you posted.

But you can understand my suspicion, right?

UPDATE I've passed this along to Media Matters, who have far more research savvy than I do. I feel funny about emailing Professor Dawisha and asking, "Are you related to Betty Dawisha?" -- so I haven't. Yet.

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