Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Got a question about Iraq? Just ask Meghan!

Curious. Just read James Fallows's "Why Iraq Has No Army" (The Atlantic, December 2005), which included this pointed observation:
A Marine lieutenant colonel said, "You tell me who in the White House devotes full time to winning this war." The answer seems to be Meghan O'Sullivan, a former Brookings scholar who is now the president's special assistant for Iraq. As best I can tell from Nexis, other online news sources, and the White House Web site, since taking the job, late last year, she has made no public speeches or statements about the war.
And now Meghan O'Sullivan will be the guest at Ask the White House on Wednesday, December 14th, at 4:00pm (ET). Be sure to submit your questions ahead of time.

I'm going to keep mine simple: Why?

UPDATE My favorite question from today's session:
Rosaurea, from NC writes:
i am a teacher and i want to work in Iraq, where can i apply to such a job? is there any contracter that would take my apllication? i have aMA in education

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