Friday, November 04, 2005

Three quick face slaps

"The fact that one of the CIA's most important secret prisons is housed in a former Soviet-era "compound" (read: gulag) is just one of those little dry jokes that Satan likes to indulge in from time to time." — Billmon

Q Mr. Secretary, back to Guantanamo, why not allow the U.N. Human Rights officials access to interviews with the detainees? You know, wouldn't that put this issue to rest?

SEC. RUMSFELD: No. (Chuckles.) It's very much in some people's interest to have it not be at rest. — DoD News Briefing, Nov 1, 2005

"There are no easy choices. Easy choices are long gone," said Greenspan ….[B]enefits currently promised to the baby boom generation through Social Security and Medicare likely cannot be met and probably will have to be trimmed. "We owe it to those who will retire over the next couple of decades to promise only what the government can deliver." — Retiring Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan

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