Thursday, November 03, 2005

Strengthening Private Personal Bequeathable … ah, screw it …Social Security Accounts

Things have been awfully quiet over at the Strengthening Social Security section on The last update there was in August 2005. The entry was just a 3-sentence presidential statement on the 70th anniversary of Social Security.
For 70 years, Social Security has been a vital program and helped millions of America's seniors in retirement. The Social Security system is sound for today's seniors, but there is a hole in the safety net for younger workers. On this 70th anniversary, we renew our commitment to save and strengthen Social Security for our children and grandchildren, and keep the promise of Social Security for future generations.
So for all of Bush's barnstorming and townhalling, that's it. Except, of course, for that the fact that country is in deeper debt than it was when he first started barnstorming and townhalling.

Oh, and mind the gap in the safety net.

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