Monday, November 28, 2005

Don't let your babies grow up to be First Ladies

James (my second true love) Wolcott comments on the Pat Nixoning of Laura Bush:
The thing I'm most struck by over the last few weeks is President Bush's shrinkage in stature. He cut an insignificant figure in China even before he went into his doofus shtick, and seems to be diminishing as the dark cloud of Cheney solidifies and casts Bush in shadow…. You get the impression that underneath the show of resolve and irritable resentment, he feels sorry for himself, pouty about not being appreciated. Which may explain why Laura Bush seems to have hardened into a carapace at his side, reverting to the Pat Nixon role to withstand the buffeting winds swirling around her husband and his own stormy moods.
There have been instances lately, usually when the Bushes have just emerged from Chopper One, when Bush just sags all his weight onto Laura in what's supposed to be an affectionate arm-around-the-shoulder gesture. And Laura just gamely smiles.

Well, Laura, God knows why you married the man — but I sure don't.

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