Thursday, October 13, 2005

We had a deal, damn it. An agreement. An arrangement. A wink. A nod. A nose scratch. An ear tug. A fake cough.

Ann Coulter on The Big Story With John Gibson explains why she's so pissed off over Harriet Miers. You see, the Conservatives do and do and do for Bush, and this is the thanks they get.
It's a disaster. It's a disaster on every possible level. We will lose. The house will lose. We will lose the senate….

A lot of conservatives have stood by Bush when he introduced the prescription drug bill and does nothing about illegal aliens. Let's say the two big issues, the war on terrorism and the courts….

When I sat next to Al Gonzales at a dinner before Bush was elected… I said, speaking on behalf of right-wing crazies, we don't care if Bush gets us in a war or taxes the economy, all we care about is the Supreme Court. This is a long-standing position.
And why the obsession with the Supreme Court? Well, FOXNews viewers long tutored by Mark Levin probably all shouted out in unison:
Griswald, where the Supreme Court decided [that] contraception is protected by the privacy right. Well, there is no privacy right.
And Ann Coulter will not be able to die peacefully until all Americans fully understand and fully appreciate the concept of "no privacy right."

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