Monday, October 03, 2005

Supremely inconsequential thoughts

Ah, the unbearable lightness of being a Bush-type Supreme Court nominee. They walk upon the face of the earth for decades and kick up no dust, slake no thirst, utter nothing declarative, serve well but won't name their masters, and do nothing, really, but hang in the background in a seemingly productive yet non-threatening sort of way.

It must take considerable skill.

So, in the absence of anything of substance to consider, here are my judicial thoughts.

__ Amazing but true: Harriet Miers could put both of her feet into one of Karen Hughes' shoes and still have plenty of room to wriggle all of her toes.

__ Katharine Harris and Harriet Miers both prefer to use (generously) Maybelline's Expert Eyes eye pencil and both opt for Blackest Black over just plain Black.

__ Chief Justice Roberts and his wife model their marriage after the ahead-of-its-time 60s sitcom, "Occasional Wife."

__ Judicial romantics hope that the unmarried David Souter and the unmarried Harriet Miers fall in love on the bench, so to speak, thus proving that senatorial "advise and consent" has a higher success rate than eHarmony Dating.

__ Jack Roberts, the 4-year-old son of the Chief Justice, emphatically slammed the front door in the face of his daddy's government driver, punking the burly (think neck muscles hanging over coat collar) man and making him look dorkish in front of dozens of photographers gathered to chronicle daddy's first day at his new job.

Here's to Jack Roberts -- the Ashton Kutcher of 2020.

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