Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Well, some kind of madness anyway

How Western Civilization has been turned upside down in one generation (link)

Multiculturalism – the reigning philosophy of American culture, where Satanists and witches are equal to Christians and Jews, where a rat is equal to a boy, where ruthless, repressive, backward cultures are equal to Western Civilization – is explored as never before….
This I do not doubt -- although I do not get the rat reference.
"We've been planning this for a long time, and it's a real treat," said WND Editor and founder Joseph Farah. "In this wonderful issue, multiculturalism is sliced, diced and roasted up as shish kabob and served up to our readers as a delicious journalistic feast.
Shish-kabob, get it. And Farah knows his shish-kabob: he is self-identified as an Arab American (link).

As with Michelle (nee Maglalang) Malkin, one is allowed to suspect that some elements of cultural self-loathing and self-flagellating overcompensation are at work here. (An aside to Michelle Malkin: You may one day out-Coulter Coulter, but you will never, ever be a willowy, upper-class, blonde bitch from Connecticut. Sorry. That's just how it works.)
It's not only a stunning expose of multiculturalism and political correctness, but also a memorable celebration and affirmation of all that is truly American."
Sadly, yes. Stunning. Memorable. And increasingly truly American.
Because of rampant multiculturalism:

__American heroes from Christopher Columbus to the Pilgrims are now likened to genocidal racists and maniacal bigots.
Well I know full well who the true genocidal racists and maniacal bigots are: Ann Coulter and David Savage.

I'm also going to make a huge leap of faith here (given the dodginess of their fact-checking) and assume that the editors of WorldNetDaily know that Christopher Columbus and the Pilgrims weren't actually Americans.
Because of rampant multiculturalism:

__"Whiteness studies" – the latest incarnation of multiculturalism on America's college campuses – teaches that "whiteness" is the underlying cause of practically every conceivable social ill and that white people are almost inherently evil.
I agree on this one. College-level "whiteness studies" aren't necessary. Just watch Nick at Nite or TVLand: Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, The Brady Bunch, Family Ties, Home Improvement, and The Cosby Show will teach you all you need to know. And every four years, you also can watch the televisual feast that is the Republican National Convention.
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At least one media organization is not in the grip of political correctness, says WND/Whistleblower Managing Editor David Kupelian. Unlike our colleagues at Reuters and CNN and the rest of the so-called 'mainstream' press – which isn't very mainstream – we at WorldNetDaily aren't confused about our loyalties….
I think this goes without saying.

This issue of Whisleblower Magazine includes such future classics as:
"Wake up and smell the danger" by Joseph Farah
At this point, all I'm smelling is fear and shish-kabob.
"For English, please press '1'" by Michelle Malkin, who asks, "Does America have an official language any more?"
In point of fact, the United States has never had an official language. Some fact-checking advice for Ms. Malkin: check out the "Dear Yahoo" feature. See, as an example: Dear Yahoo!: Does the United States have an official national language? And also here.
"Multiculturalism as a threat to national security" by Joseph Farah, on how political correctness has paralyzed government in the terror war
I wouldn't say the government is paralyzed. I'd say it's stricken by attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder. And that has nothing to do with political correctness or multiculturalism.
"What does 'Judeo-Christian' mean?" by Dennis Prager, who explains that "everyone talks about it, but few understand its real significance"
Hmm. That sounds more like an observation than an explanation. By the way, the standard definition for "Judeo-Christian" is as follows: being historically related to Judaism and Christianity. There, I've just spared you from having to read the full article.
"Ya'll pray now, ya hear?" in which Barbara Simpson looks at the decision to broadcast Islam over loudspeakers in one Michigan city, while Christian symbols are being extinguished from the same public square

That is the worst rendering ever of a Michigan accent -- urban or rural.
"America in 2050: Another country" by Patrick Buchanan, who offers a frightening look at the nation's future if current trends continue
Let's face it: Even on his best days, Pat Buchanan is himself a frightening look.
"This issue of Whistleblower is really special....[I]t shows with amazing clarity how and why the nation has gone nuts....
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