Friday, March 04, 2005

Poking fun at a pig in a poke

CNN Crossfire: Is Social Security Reform Dead? (CNN)

Guess what the operative number is here ?

ANNOUNCER: In the CROSSFIRE: Can 60 stops in 60 days save President Bush's plans to reform Social Security? The president sure hopes so.

JAMES CARVILLE: So, you think across Pennsylvania that Pennsylvanians everywhere are clamoring to get behind the president?



TOOMEY: The president only gave his State of the Union 60 days ago. There's time for this. And it's growing.

REP. CHAKA FATTAH (D), PENNSYLVANIA: The House leadership says, we're going to put some Social Security off to some future year, right? Bush says, no, I want to ride around the country for 60 days. Maybe he'll find weapons of mass destruction, too. I don't know.

TOOMEY: First of all, and, Chaka, you're skipping the fact that we can't do this all by Republicans, because there is a such thing called the filibuster. You need 60 votes. So there needs to be some Democrats who acknowledge...


FATTAH: You have got to put a plan up for a vote in order for it to be filibustered.

TOOMEY: And we're working on that....

FATTAH: Republicans used to talk about personal accountability. They're in charge. Let them put a proposal forward.

TOOMEY: We don't have 60 votes in the Senate.

FATTAH: And let them step up and put the votes they have for that proposal, because they don't have their own.


TOOMEY: We don't have 60.

CARVILLE: So, with this support gaining like this, it's just a matter of hours. We'll see now...

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