Sunday, February 27, 2005

You Mean Like Actually Observe Them? Not Necessarily.

Participate in 'Ten Commandments Sunday' (WorldNetDaily)

By Rev. Jerry Falwell

By and large, it's not a good idea to schedule events on the same day as, let's say, the Super Bowl or the Oscars. But I suspect scheduling a "national prayer effort" on the same day that Hollywood satanists (who inexplicably snubbed "The Passion of the Christ") gather to worship the graven image of Oscar did not lead to too many conflicts of interest.

The national prayer effort is in anticipation of an US Supreme Court "Ten Commandments case" that is scheduled to be heard on March 2.
It behooves the Church of Jesus Christ to earnestly get our knees to pray that the Ten Commandments are not eliminated from the American public square. I am calling on churches around the nation to participate in the Ten Commandments Sunday.
Either that's an editing error or my knees have been struck mute.

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Liberty Counsel has established the "Defend the Ten" club. I encourage pastors to visit the site and utilize the information therein to urge their congregations to prayer for the Commandments. A colorful flyer and other pertinent information can be found at website to help pastors or church leaders explain the importance of this case.

I like that, the "Defend the Ten." It effectively co-opts the old "Chicago Seven"-type monikers from the 60s. I don't much care for the "club" aspect, however, because clubs always charge dues.
Please join us in fighting to protect our rights and freedoms in this landmark case through prayer and financial support - taking a stand together, acknowledging God and the role His laws have played in the founding of our great nation.
Prayer alone, apparently, is never enough. Thus, the Defend the Ten Club gladly accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, and electronic checks -- US funds only.

Don't forget to take the time to browse through the Defend the Ten Store and Donation Center. There's an inspiring collection of books, video, audio, T shirts, memos and brochures, and legal memorandums.

This 16-page paperback "book" costs only $7.75 (shipping and handling included). And yes, the Store and Donation Center gladly accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express, and electronic checks -- US funds only.


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