Monday, February 28, 2005

Why Am I Not Laughing?

Hardball With Chris Matthews (MSNBC)

In a discussion on loose nukes in Russia:

MATTHEWS: We might have to buy them [loose nukes] one at a time.
Margaret, can we put them in what Al Gore used to call a lockbox?
MATTHEWS: I mean, really, I don‘t like them out there pointing this way.
MARGARET CARLSON, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, “TIME”: Listen, lockbox turned into a joke, but [Gore's] lockbox on Social Security and certainly weapons would be a good idea.
Refresh my recollection: How was Al Gore transformed into one giant geek joke?
CARLSON: All Bush would have to do would be to fully fund the Lugar-Nunn program for nailing these [loose nukes] down.
MATTHEWS: That‘s named after Richard Lugar of Indiana...
CARLSON: And Sam Nunn.
CARLSON: But every report you get is that they‘re out there and that the money hasn‘t been provided to get them.
Refresh my recollection: How was George Bush transformed into one macho terror-fighting cowboy?

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