Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bush's 2005 Kabuki Tour de l'Europe (Étape une)

Hardball With Chris Matthews

MATTHEWS: Did everybody notice [Bush's] strong body language today, the way he sat? The Frenchman, of course, Chirac, is the element—he is the essence of grace and charm and all that. He has his legs crossed just a certain way.
Bush comes in there like a cowboy, legs apart, like he has got boots on. I couldn‘t cross my legs if I tried. Did anybody notice that? It was like a statement, like I am a cowboy and I‘m visiting old Europe.

I don't know. Looks to me like an acute flare-up of testicular elephantiasis instead. Or a really rough night at the bathhouse. -- Grace

And If It's Belgium, These Must Be Pommes Frites

"And speaking of symbolism, Bush yesterday also rendered inoperative one of the most blatant -- and catchy -- symbolic attacks on France during the first term.
At the dinner for Chirac, hosted by the Americans, there was a side dish of potatoes and Bush reportedly went out of his way to call them 'French fries.'" (Washington Post)

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