Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Attack of the Cheese-Eating, Vodka-Swilling, Sausage-Stuffing Surrender Eunuchs!

Dubya Goes Euro-Stroking
By Jed Babbin (The American Spectator)

In which trash-talking Jed Babbin accuses farty Old Europe of back- stabbing, arms-whoring, and, oh yes, trash-talking.
The BBC calls it President Bush's "charm offensive."
But Jed Babbin doesn't believe in charm, so screw it.
Off to EUnuch-land for a week of conciliation, the President is doing his best to heal the rifts that divide us from our traditional NATO allies. The problem nations, better known to our readers as the Axis of Weasels, are greeting Mr. Bush with profusions of smiles and hugs while they go about sharpening shivs to stick in his back.
I don't know. Shiv sharpening and a ready willingness to insert one into human flesh seem like awfully testosterone-fueled activities for a bunch of eunuchs.
Is it really worth the effort for the President to even try? Yes, but not because it will change anything.
Oh, Jed, who's being the surrender eunuch now?

Two facts drive the President to Europe. First, the allies we still have there, such as Britain's Tony Blair, are weaker now than they were before the Iraq campaign began in 2003.
Hmm. Cause and effect? Or mere coincidence?
Second, the President has some faint hope of convincing the Euros that they are making the world less safe in their dealings with China and Iran, and in trash-talking NATO.
Personally, I blame the spread of trash-talking on the increasing popularity of basketball in Europe. So we have nobody but ourselves to blame for the trash-talking.
In a speech in Brussels yesterday, the President…called on the Euros to aid the rise of democratic Iraq, to deal realistically with Iran's nuclear weapons program, and to help confront Russian strongman Vladimir Putin's drive to smother the new Russian democracy. The European political environment cannot produce any of those results. Europe is in a state of self-hypnosis, dealing with its own reality to the exclusion of everything else.

First, a word of advice to Vladimir Putin: it's never a good sign when Americans start referring to you as a strongman -- just ask Manuel Noriega. Second, I'm rather envious: At least Europe has a reality. We haven't had one in the States for several years now.

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