Sunday, July 11, 2010

El manana me pertenece

Over at Big Government, Michael Zak offers the kind of in-depth yet historically expansive political analysis that only a wingnut can: Hope and Change and the Scariest Movie Scene Ever.

Here's my brief synopsis. [Spoiler alert: Hitler makes a guest appearance.]
The scariest movie scene isn’t in a horror movie. It doesn’t involve zombies or slashers, but it is about a real monster, “the kind of monster that people choose to rule over them,” with or without the help of ACORN and the New Black Panthers Party.

Something. Something. Something. Quote from the Book of Ecclesiastes. Something else.

Cue Cabaret video clip of Hitler Youth singing “Tomorrow Belongs to Me -- complete (bizarrely) with Spanish subtitles.

Segue to the present day: Could America fall prey to a demogogue?

Oh snap punch line: Yes we can!
Zak doesn‘t realize that “tomorrow belongs to me” is not far removed from “taking our country back” (for those needing Spanish subtitles: retirando nuestro paĆ­s). And wouldn’t you know it, there’s already a catchy twangy theme song on YouTube. No Aryan aria is this little ditty.

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