Thursday, December 03, 2009

We don’t need no stinkin’ "successful conclusions"

Conservative columnist Bill Dupray huffed deep and heavy on the talking point about the V-word missing from Obama’s West Point speech. Hissy and pissy, he mocked "the cold gruel of a Harvard politician" that offered no Dupray kind of victory -- the kind involving still-beating hearts carved out of the enemy’s chest and raised above one‘s head with great whoops -- but only wars brought to successful conclusions and responsible ends.

For some reason, the use of "milestones" ticked him off too. You can almost hear his fist pounding the table next to the mouse pad. Our guys don’t fight for frickin’ milestones, those are rocks on the side of the road, he digitally bellows -- Bush’s sliding-scale "benchmarks" and gauzy "aspirational goals" rather conveniently having been forgotten. Personally, I’m convinced the dead no longer express a preference.

Anyway, Dupray had to take to the comments thread to defend himself, and jeebus what a glass chin this guy has!


(Large view.)

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