Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do we have to argue about abortion over our Lucky Charms?

It’s 8 something in the morning and Morning Joe brings out the hedgehog-headed Rep. Bart Stupak to discuss abortion.


FOX News has some twitchy-eyed bogeyman on to tell us that a civil trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed means certain death -- of New Yorkers, not KSM.


CNN’s got something on about the possible sex-trafficking death of a little girl in one of the Carolinas -- does it make any difference which one?


The local news is giving us live coverage of some horrific concrete-divider launched flying car accident on some 1950s designed highway.


Now CNN is promoting a story about why scientists are taking cinema apocalyptica -- in this case, 2012 -- very seriously. Shouldn’t these scientists be working on stuff for the upcoming techno-cornucopian triumphalism exhibit?

Come on guys. Whatever happened to “happy news” -- you know, the stuff that got us through the 70s before we all discovered cocaine?

I finally settle on a rebroadcast of some monster truck competition. It is a thing of beauty.

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fallenmonk said...

That's why there is a channel called "TVLand" so there is always an episode of "Andy", MTM, Beverly Hillbilles or something on.