Saturday, November 21, 2009


Too bad -- some of my friends had a pool going on the date of the first exchange of gunfire by drunk patrons once the Tennessee law allowing people with handgun permits to be armed in alcohol-serving bars and restaurants went into effect.

Judge Strikes Down Tennessee Guns-in-Bars Law

"Tennessee's new law allowing people with handgun permits to be armed in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol is unconstitutionally vague, a judge ruled on Friday."

The unconstitutional vagueness in question? This: "Tennessee previously banned handguns in all locations where alcohol was served. The new law made an exception for establishments that serve at least one meal on five days per week and that 'the serving of such meals shall be the principal business conducted.' Tennessee has no legal definition to distinguish bars from restaurants."

In addition to getting around to legally defining what a bar is and what a restaurant, Tennessee lawmakers might want to establish a legal definition for what a meal is.

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Brendan said...

Nothing against Tennessee, but that last line was gooooood.