Monday, October 05, 2009

Somewhat admittedly, some people have had some suspicions for some time

Gotta confess, I love the latest blog genre, the prove you’re not, you farkin’ basterd website. The genre is brilliant in its simplicity, and the farkin’ basterds who are targeted are richly deserving. Cases in point: Dan Riehl and Glenn Beck.

Is Dan Riehl a Child Predator? is in retaliation for wingnut Riehl’s totally baseless post about the census taker recently murdered in Kentucky. The title of the post: Was Census Worker Bill Sparkman a Child Predator? Does Riehl provide absolutely any evidence? No. Riehl acknowledges that his suspeculations rest solely on the fact that the late Mr. Sparkman was involved with the Boy Scouts of America.

See, the farkin’ basterd deserves it.

The other classic site in the genre is Did Glenn Beck Rape and Murder a Young Girl in 1990? It wonderfully plays off Beck’s wacked-out metier.
Why won't Glenn Beck deny these allegations? We're not accusing Glenn Beck of raping and murdering a young girl in 1990 - in fact, we think he didn't! But we can't help but wonder, since he has failed to deny these horrible allegations. Why won't he deny that he raped and killed a young girl in 1990?
Because it’s prominently billed as “the official parody site about the controversy,” Beck’s lawyers have taken just about the only avenue that’s open to them. Rather than using the US legal system, where failure is all but guaranteed, they’ve filed a complaint with an international domain name arbitration panel. International. Arbitration. Panel. Pretty wimpy, Glenn.

So let’s keep at it, bloggers and bloggerettes. Let mega-pixels of carefully worded yet totally irresponsible speculation rain down on those farkin’ basterds.


MichaelK said...

I found out about GB1990 from my friendly neighborhood Angry Conservative. He got kind of upset when I mentioned his post in the sightings section.

That actually ended up being fairly entertaining, AND he finally stopped following me on Twitter! XD

Chris Sweet said...

Thanks Grace. Sickos like Dan Riehl need to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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