Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Kazoos and whoopee cushions at the ready

There is a thin line -- and decibel level -- between useful agitprop and just unleashing a bunch of rude, loud, and obnoxious idiots, a distinction that eludes the astro-bullying groups behind some of the recent outbursts at town hall meetings on healthcare insurance reform. Silly, really, since an extra $5 could have bought some public relations input on the potential blowback of facilitating outside agitators.

Those of you heading off to these town hall meetings with pure hearts and honest intentions should go armed with kazoos and whoopee cushions. If a bunch of disruptive blowhards act up, start playing and farting until they stop. If whoopee cushions predominate, toot Beethoven‘s Ode to Joy. If kazoos predominate, toot the guitar solo from Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused.

There simply is no way to triumph over kazoos and whoopee cushions, especially in unison.


Kvatch said...

...go armed with kazoos and whoopee cushions.

What! No crowbars?! I'm bummed.

Sator Arepo said...

Is that Norman Fell?