Monday, June 22, 2009


Here’s the latest addition to the Compendium of Conspiracy Theories Involving Barry Sotero.
Obama detractors are suggesting that the garden on the South Lawn (planted by Mrs. Obama and schoolchildren in March) is fake. The conspiracy theorists claim that, despite a lot of compost and a very rainy spring, the vegetables harvested by the first lady and those same schoolchildren last Tuesday could not have grown so big in just 90 days.

These critics surmise that the White House substituted mature plants for immature ones - in the dead of night, I guess - in order to fool the American public. An actual-dirt dirty trick that would live up to the name Watercressgate.
There are people who actually believe this? You bet. Wish they would just stick a cucumber in it.

*O.F.F.S. = Oh for fuck’s sake


yellojkt said...
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Mo MoDo said...

I'm waiting for the racists to start making watermelon jokes. Oops, too late.

Dr. Dave said...

I don't believe the B.S. about Obugger's birth certificate,'s right up there with the Bilderberg and chem trail crap.

However, you don't have the latest on the garden affair. The latest is .... here.

I've missed your visits. Why you no come round no more?