Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Manly guns for the unmanned

From Arthur’s Hall of Viking Manliness -- be sure to stop by the Viking Clothing Shop for all your non-chafing Viking Manliness needs -- comes a detailed, thoughtful, and well-illustrated list of 10 More Manly Guns. Just in case you were wondering.
Previously I compiled a list of the Ten Manliest Firearms.* I noted that variations on the list were certainly acceptable, but still ran into a bunch of grief from non-men who were unable to read, nor to grasp that real men don't care if other real men disagree with them. Still, there are a LOT of guns out there, so I figured it was time to compile another list. You should own all of these guns before Zero takes office, and then buy more until he wets his pants and blubbers like the wuss he is….
*[That] was a hard piece to write, because guns by definition are manly, except for Berettas, gold-plated TEC9s, .25 caliber pistols or anything made by the French.

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