Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Nobody can really know, nobody can really understand it.

Via Associated Press:
Quentin C. Aanenson, a fighter pilot whose wartime experiences helped millions of television viewers understand World War II, has died.

A subject of Ken Burns' documentary "The War" and the producer of his own film a decade earlier, Aanenson died Sunday of cancer at his home in Bethesda, his son, Jerry said. He was 87.

"He lived a magnificent life," Jerry Aanenson said. "He said if he had a chance to be 15 again, he wouldn't take it."
It was Aanenson’s soul-searching wartime letter, written to his future wife but never sent, that I posted as a Veterans Day tribute this year. I was surprised and quite touched when his son Jerry left a comment in response.
It was nice to see my Father recognized on this day. His words, "We are all casualties. In the meantime, we just go on. Some way, somehow, this will all have an ending. Whatever it is, I am ready for it" hit home now. My Dad is dying of cancer. He may only have a few days or weeks left. Whenever it is, he is ready.
Jerry signed himself “a very proud son,” as well he should be. Jerry, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
In an interview last year with The Washington Post, Aanenson said, "We went out as a bunch of kids, and we came back maybe looking the same. But inside we were different. Nobody can really know, nobody can really understand it."

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