Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Yippie-ki-yay my fellow prisoners voters!

It’s election day and -- OMG! -- the Barbarians (including Black Panthers) are at the gates of Freeperland! The freepi are calling out to God and calling for their guns… calling for the wholesale rejection of a President Obama… and waiting for the Anti-Christ to make a guest appearance.

This is what you should all do now:
Hug your wife and kids
Pray to God and understand he has a plan
Keep your guns close
Get a good accountant to shelter your money
It is true, that I never concieved such a day during my lifetime. But I still have faith in God, my family and friends.

For the next four years:
I will not call him President
I will not gird my loins for him
I will mock his speaking
When asked, I will say he's an embarrassment
I will lawfully exercise my constitutional right to oppose his every step.
I will compose fictional literature describing his demise.
He will not be my President.

Those of you looking for a messiah in the President need to turn your eyes upwards...The banking scandal and aftermath/by out has turned this nation and is turning many others into a fascist economy. We are quickly headed to a one world economy. It is not very far from there to a one world government; he who controls the money controls the government. The next step will be a one world religion where everyone will bow to the one world leader….

America is leaning to elect a Marxist/Muslim president. His first act will be to turn America's back to Israel. Once that happens whatever the Lord Jesus had left to do with/for this country will be over. Obama has said that he will work to hasten the division of Israel. That will the beginning of the end.

The AntiChrist is coming soon---better be as worried about getting your hearts right as you are about yipping with the talking heads on the TV.
Are you saved??
Are you a Christian??….

And so in the closing years of the first decade of the 21st century another presidential election draws to a close in the most advanced and powerful country in the world.

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