Sunday, November 30, 2008

The point at which I stopped reading

Victor Davis Hanson defiantly draws a line in the miasma that is his thinking about Obama.
I think we are slowly (and things of course could change) beginning in retrospect to look back….

Not that there’s anything wrong with it: Mark Hemingway pimps NRO merchandise for holiday gift-giving Christmas gift-giving.
I try and avoid metrosexual accoutrements, but …. [as] winter nears, my lips tend to crack badly — so thank goodness my better half gave me with [sic] this John Allan’s Spearmint Lime Lip Balm.

And Hunkabunka Mark Steyn considers the mating habits of the Japanese.
“Many [Japanese] couples said they didn't have the energy for sex, while others said they found it boring.”

Well, it's no karaoke night.

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