Thursday, November 20, 2008

For all you schadenfreudenistas out there

E.D. Hill, one of only two ambulatory brain-dead primates ever documented, is leaving FOX News -- and not voluntarily either. Her contract is not being renewed. No word if the pending unemployment of the veteran anchor ditz has anything to do with her describing a fist bump between Barack and Michelle Obama as a terrorist fist jab, but I like to think it does.

Via All Spin Zone comes news that Rick Santorum, former senator from Pennsylvania and the only other ambulatory brain-dead primate ever documented, will not contest the challenge of his Pennsylvania absentee ballot due to residency requirements.
“They can do whatever they want to do. It’s just — I’m just not going to engage in that,” he said. “If someone who has lived in that community for the past 22 years who still owns a home and pays taxes there can’t vote there, then that says something about the Democrats in Allegheny County.”
Santorum, his wife, and their children live in Virginia. The “home” Santorum refers to is a “house” that he now rents out for income.

Morally bankrupt narcissist Tom Friedman may soon have other forms of bankruptcy to contemplate.
Tom Friedman has been the most aggressive and well-known spokesman for know-nothingist free trade,, job outsourcing and sending blue-collar kids off to die in wars for oil. His advocacy is a form of loyalty to class, considering he's spent most of his adult life as a guy who married into a billion-dollar fortune. I say "most of his adult life" because Vanity Fair reports that he's now "only" a $25 millionaire thanks to the real estate bust brought on by the very boom-bust economy Friedman himself championed. Indeed, the company that created the family fortune he married into is on the brink of going bankrupt.
I don’t know what the metric is for “on the brink.” Would that be 1 FU or 2 FUs?

Schadenfreude Watch: Bill Kristol’s contract as a NYT op/ed columnist expires next month and so far there’s been no word about a renewal or extension.

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