Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We are all preggers now

Phoenix Woman over at FireDogLake has started a Sarah Palin Goodbye Watch. Stop by and officially declare the date and time you think Gov. Palin will tearfully withdraw from the Republican ticket. Some commenters also are helpfully suggesting names for Bristol’s baby. High on my list are Ammo, Whoops, Travesty, Job 3:28, and Masters Johnston.

The inimitable and not-pop-culture-deficient James Wolcott comments thusly:
Say what you will about Al and Peggy Bundy, slovenly occupying the sofa lo those many seasons on Married with Children, but they negligently raised a fine, slutty, airhead, bare-midriff daughter--I speak of course of Christina Applegate's divine Kelly -- who managed to make it through her teen years without a baby in tow. Which is more than can be said for the unfortunate daughter of the Republican Party's poster mom for abstinence only.
And the usually staid and circumspect Arthur Silber gives in to the thrill of it all.
I have to say that, considering the Republican and Democratic presidential candidates are war criminals, this campaign is much more entertaining than I had expected. (I wasn't the one who said they're war criminals, not this time. Al Gore did. Of course, neither Gore nor anyone else seems to have realized that is what he said, which is in large part the subject of that post.) It's as if every demon in the American psyche has been let loose. Racism, sexism, classism, love of war and slaughter, general mayhem and madness -- hell, it's like an old movie ad that screamed, "HERE'S THE ONE THAT FINALLY HAS EVERYTHING!" Sure, it's variously horrifying, shocking, and sickening -- and it's obliterating stupid almost all the time -- but you gotta admit, that's entertainment! Laugh at the nightmare and the nightmare laughs back! Then it kills you.

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