Monday, July 07, 2008

Sun, sand, surf, and the constitutionally protected right to make obscene gestures

I’ve always said it: Jersey’s not so bad. Now here’s proof.
After battling rowdy renters and out-of-control keggers for decades, this Jersey shore party town has finally decided to lighten up a little.

Belmar, sometimes called "Fort Lauderdale North" for its reputation as a raucous party enclave, has scrapped laws against giving the finger and requiring beer kegs to be registered. The town's mayor said the rules were difficult to enforce.

"I'm not sure anyone even knew that making obscene gestures was illegal," Mayor Ken Pringle said. "Right after we send out our tax bills, I tend to see a few."
I live south of Fort Lauderdale North, so I guess that would make Down-the-Jersey-Shore South Beach North. Here’s a picture of me (circled in red) on the beach at Belmar. I’m the one with the fluorescent yellow zinc oxide on my nose.

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